AAU Mid-Atlantic District Meet

Fri, Sat & Sun, June 17-19
Location: Millersville University’s Biemesderfer Stadium
45 Pucillo Dr, Millersville, PA 17551 (map)

Meet Fees: $37 ($22 per athlete + $15 annual AAU Registration)
Spectator Fees: $5 per day, children 7 & under (non-competing) are free



TRACK: Rolling schedule, first events report at 3pm
400 Meter Dash
2000 Meter Steeplechase (ages 15 & up)
FIELD: first events report at 3pm
Long Jump (8 & under and age 9), 3 jumps/4ft board only

TRACK: Rolling schedule, first events report at 8:15am
1500 Meter Run
100 Meter Dash
800 Meter Run
200 Meter Dash
FIELD: first events report at 8:15am
Turbo Jav – (ages 12, 11, 10, 9 | 8 & Under)
Shot Put – (all ages youngest to oldes)
Long Jump (ages 17-18, 15-16, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10)
3 jumps | girls/women: 8ft board | boys/men: 10ft board
High Jump (ages 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, must have prior experience)

TRACK: Rolling schedule, first events report at 8:15am
3000 Meter Run (ages 11 and up, combined heat)
110/100/80 Meter Hurdles
200 Meter Hurdles
400 Meter Hurdles
FIELD: first events report at 8:15am
High Jump (ages 14 and up)
Javelin (ages 13 and up – must provide your own javelin)
Discus (ages 11 and up)
Triple Jump (ages 17-18, 15-16, 14, 13)
female board minimum: 24ft, male: 28ft


AGE GROUPS FOR AAU ARE NOT COMBINED FOR AGES 9 TO 14. This is different from USATF format. Please note the age group for which your athlete will compete. Age determination as of December 31, 2022

8 & Under: year of Birth 2014 or later
9: year of birth 2013
10: year of birth 2012
11: year of birth 2011
12: year of birth 2010

13: year of birth 2009
14: year of birth 2008
15-16: year of birth 2007-2008
17-18: year of birth 2005-2004

  • The meet fees include a flat $22 per athlete plus the $15 annual AAU registration fee. You will not be charged the $15 registration fee for subsequent AAU series meets (this is one time per year). If you are already registered with AAU, please contact Coach Shawn for payment instructions.
  • Competitors in the 8 & Under, 9, 10, 11, 12 age divisions may compete in a maximum of three (3) events.
  • Competitors in the 13, 14, 15-16 and 17-18 age divisions may compete in a maximum of four (4) events.
  • ALL RUNNING EVENTS ARE TIMED FINALS. Report to the Clerk of Course to check in.
  • Field events report directly to that event, check in with the head official. You must check in to your event when called or risk your right to compete.
  • 1/4″ pyramid spikes only on track surfaces.
  • Field events are three (3) attempts only. (Pole vault and high jump exceptions)
  • Jumpers: Chalk only on jump runways, no tape. No run backs allowed to obtain your mark. No run throughs after event has started.
  • No “bare midriff” rule in effect.
  • No electronic devices allowed by athletes in competition area or while warming up on track & field. No headphones or earbuds may be worn while warming up on track or field. No GPS devices allowed.
  • Medals will be awarded for 1st through 3rd place. Ribbons awarded to 4th – 8th.
  • Only one team designee may pick up awards. No athletes allowed to accompany coach to awards area.
  • This AAU Qualifier has been selected to live stream on FLO TRACK.
  • Advancement: Top 16 athletes advance to the AAU Region 2 national qualifying meet at Widener University, July 1-3.


  • No athlete, coach or persons allowed in any building, rooms or any equipment on school property.
  • No glass, speaker systems, water guns, alcohol or smoking permitted on school property.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct, inappropriate behavior applies to athletes, coaches and anyone associated with an athlete or team.
  • No tents or shading allowed on home side bleachers. Tents are permitted on visitor side/hillside.


Payments can be made via check or credit card*
$37 per athlete