Central PA Youth Meet

Sunday, June 5 from 8:30am – 4:00pm
Location: State College Area High School
653 Westerly Parkway, State College, PA 16801 (map)
Fees: $9 per event


Event Limitations
Event entry is not guaranteed after May 27th. Some events will fill up quickly. Athletes are limited to 3 events.


Track Events
80-100-110 Meter Hurdles (ages 11 & up)
100 Meter Dash
200 Meter Dash
300 Meter Hurdles (ages 13 & up) Saturday*
400 Meter Dash
800 Meter Run
1500 Meter Run
3000 Meter Run (ages 11 & up) Saturday* 

Field Events
Long Jump
Triple Jump (ages 13 & up) Saturday*
Turbo Javelin (ages U8 & 9-10 only)
Shot Put


Limited events are held on Saturday evening, June 4. Warm ups at 5:30pm and events begin at 6:30pm. If competing in a Saturday event, please contact Coach Shawn for schedule details.

SUNDAY, JUNE 5 (approximate)

8:00am . . . .  Athlete/Coach check-in, track open for warm ups
8:45am . . . . Coaches Meeting (infield)
9:00am . . . . Morning Session Begins
12:30pm . . . . BREAK
1:00pm . . . . Afternoon Session Begins
4:00pm . . . . Meet concludes

TRACK MORNING SESSION (rolling schedule)
Unless otherwise stated, age groups will run youngest to oldest and boys will follow girls. Some age groups may be combined to minimize heats.
1500 Meter Run
80 Meter Hurdles (ages 11-12)
100 Meter Hurdles (ages 13-14, 15-18G)
100 Meter Dash
400 Meter Dash

Long Jump (15-18, 13-14, 11-12)
Turbo Javelin (9-10, 8 & Under)
Shot Put (8 & Under, 9-10) (begins after Turbo Jav)

TRACK AFTERNOON SESSION (rolling schedule)
Unless otherwise stated, age groups will run youngest to oldest and boys will follow girls. Some groups may be combined to minimize heats.
800 Meter Run
200 Meter Dash
Swedish Relay (ages 9 & up)

Long Jump (9-10)
Long Jump (8 & under)
Shot Put (15-18, 13-14, 11-12)


This meet is offered to the following age groups:
Age determination as of December 31, 2022

8 & Under: Year of Birth 2014 or later
9–10: Year of Birth 2012-2013
11–12: Year of Birth 2010-2011
13–14: Year of Birth 2008-2009
15–18: Year of Birth 2004-2007

  • Please listen for announcements calling your events and arrive soon after the first call.
  • Track event athletes should check-in at the clerking tent on the infield.
  • Field event athletes should check-in at the event location.
  • In the case your field event conflicts with your track event, be sure to notify the clerk in charge of your field event that you are leaving to run.
  • Track events are timed finals. Events may be combined if necessary.
  • Spikes may be worn.
  • Starting blocks are only permitted for ages 11 & up (100-400m events) and will be provided by meet officials. Athletes in age group 10 and under will not be permitted to use starting blocks.
  • If an athlete appears unfamiliar with the use of blocks, it is at the discretion of meet officials whether they are permitted to use them.
  • In the event of scratches, heats may be reseeded by the track clerk and therefore, may not always reflect assignments in the meet program.
  • Field events: each athlete will be permitted four attempts per event with final placings determined based upon the best of these four attempts.
  • Throwing events will use implements provided by meet officials.
  • Protests: shall be made to Coach Shawn at once (so he can address meet officials) and no later than 30 minutes after the results of the event have been posted. Protests shall be directed to the officials’ tent on the infield.
  • Awards: Medals will be awarded for places 1-3 and ribbons will be awarded for places 4-6 for all events and all age divisions. Unofficial results will be posted shortly following each event and may be found at www.ntfxc.com/results/. Awards will be distributed shortly after posting of unofficial results. Awards may be obtained at the awards table near the main track entrance. Once awards are distributed, all results are official.

The meet is hoping to invite a few food trucks to the parking area during the lunch break but be advised to bring your own food and drinks. No alcohol, tobacco or glass containers are permitted on school property.

Parking is behind the school near the track. Overflow parking will be located on the opposite side of Westerly Parkway and will require an approximate 5 minute walk to the track. If the track lot is full, drop off your athletes and equipment and proceed to the parking lot. Please do not block the roadway or park in spots reserved for school employees. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE FIRE ZONES. DO NOT PARK IN THE NARROW ONE-WAY DRIVE LEADING FROM WESTERLY PARKWAY TO THE TRACK. This will be strictly enforced and your vehicle may be towed without warning.

Inclement Weather
In the event of severe weather, competition may be delayed and all spectators and participants may be required to find shelter. While meet officials will make every effort to complete all events in a timely fashion, significant wether problems may require modification of the schedule and cancellation of events. Refunds will not be issued for cancelled events.


Payments can be made via check or credit card
$9 per event